Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Friends and The Little Things That Cheer Us Up.

Today was a better day for all of us I think. I went to bed with a heavy heart and didn't sleep good at all. I decided somehow today has to be better. It didn't seem possible knowing The Princess was leaving for the day for her appointments. Speech always goes well. She LOVES her speech therapist and does so well for her. She doesn't mind counseling either. It's another issue that she has to deal with entirely on these days that makes it very hard sometimes. Obviously, I can't go in to what that is. Some days she has cried for Ronnie so bad until they have brought her back early or didn't even go at all. Did I mention how much she loves her Daddy? 8) Today she had a fairly good day and this did my heart happy. Ronnie picked her up and of course Madison wanted to go with him. I stayed home and had almost 45 minutes to myself. It was nice after yesterday...I had a Diet Coke and read. Anyway, when they got home I went to the door to meet them and she was all smiles and said, "Heeeey, Mama!" I love it. She was a little aggressive when she came home but guess what?? Are you sitting down for this? NO MELTDOWNS OR TANTRUMS! That's right...not even a time out. God heard my prayers and The Princess had a wonderful day.
Maddie had a pretty good day herself. I know it seems like a lot of the focus is on The Princess. It's not intentional...just so much going on with The Princess' situation. Maddie went with Daddy and I for lunch. She was allowed to pick out her drink this time (she always picks but the options usually don't include soft drinks). She was pretty pumped about her Fruit Punch. She was decked out in her jewelery everywhere one could possibly where it...lip gloss...and her new Mariah Carey perfume my cousin bought them. She loves wearing it and telling everyone within sight that she is wearing "puhfume". She is one super cute kiddo. Everyone stopped to tell her how cute she was, to which she replied, "Yeah, I cute." We took her to her favorite place in the ENTIRE WORLD. You are thinking Chuck E Cheese huh? Nope! Wal-Mart!! She asks to go everyday. I really don't know where this came from. But I'm telling you, all it takes to make this girl's day is McDonald's chicken nuggets, a trip to Wal-Mart, and getting all dolled up to do both. That's it...she's an easy kid to please. (And if you ask her what Santa is bringing her? Chicken Nuggets and "Mal-Mart"! I can pull off one, but the other???) She fed Daddy animal crackers while he worked around the house. She had a good day. It's the little things that get us through. Little things like Chicken Nuggets 8) and a big smile,or a child having a good day. This Mama doesn't need Diamonds or a 3 story house. A lunch date with my Diva and The Princess having a good day is all I need.
Are you ready for the good news I promised you? No unsupervised visits starting soon!! 8) Some prayers are answered quick. I think it's because a lot were going up yesterday on our behalf. And thank you for this...we are grateful. One less thing to keep me awake at night worrying about her. I can focus on two adorably sweet little girls sitting by my feet watching cooking shows. My kinda kids.
And more good of my very best friends called my today and said she was reading my Facebook post yesterday where I asked for tips on what to do about temper tantrums. Her son has a therapist who does behavior therapy and is completely amazing. She is apparently like Nanny 911 but better. AND she is coming to visit The Princess to watch and give me some pointers. She has a lot of experience with foster kid because her mom is a foster parent. Is that awesome or what?? I am super excited! And grateful. Thanks Mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God really blows me away. Ever heard that old cliche', "He is on time God!"? And tomorrow we have a play date with my other best friend and her kiddos! Good friends are a great thing.
And in the words of one of the two DHS workers that I LOVE...."God is watching over The Princess and you just have to keep your eyes on Him....she is in His care, and He is excellent at what He does."