Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Are Still Here.....

and sorry it took so long to update. Life has been extremely busy here. Here are the things we have accomplished since my last post:

We had a Southern Belle and a Cowgirl for Halloween and Trick-Or-Treated three time. Once in our community at relatives houses. Once at a block party in a local town. Once at our zoo. We had more candy than we knew what to do with. Well, the girls knew EXACTLY what to do with it.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and baked lots of food and also ate too much food. I went to my first Black Friday sale and it was quite the experience. I had scratch marks up my arm.

The Princess is now at 80-90% in her speech and is talking our ears off. We love it. She also just recently WROTE HER NAME for the first time!!

We have a new caseworker on the Princess’ case that we so far LOVE. We also have a court date….FINALLY. We go to court on January 31st and DHS thinks the judge is going to TPR (Terminate Parental Rights). Praying and trying hard to leave it in God’s hands. I snatch it back out to worry often. Just being real.

Madison’s case went to court on November 2nd and the judge ruled TPR. He terminated rights immediately and she is legally free. Since then, we have had an in home visit/interview and done the paperwork for the adoption. Last week we received a letter in the mail saying we are approved to adopt Madison. Since we are using Madison’s Guardian Ad Litem (the lawyer assigned to her case during the time she is in foster care that fights for her) the adoption is free. What a blessing!! We have turned in all of the paperwork and are now waiting for a court date. They are thinking it should be between February and March. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Jesus’ birthday and Santa Claus came. We met him a few times and sat in his lap and asked him for…..EYESHADOW. The Princess asked for Pink and Madison asked for Purple. Santa brought both. They LOVED the whole month of cookie making, crafts and other festivities. They went to 2 Christmas parties for foster care and had a blast. The got more presents than any kid should be allowed to get from digital cameras, scooters, clothes, games, puzzles, twin baby dolls, doctor kit, wooden food, new wood kitchen, make up kits to books, dress up clothes, Barbies, Rock N Roll Elmo, jewelry, Fazoodles and more. This is the only year Christmas will look like this. We had a blast spoiling them on their first Christmas with us and they had so much fun. I think the thing they enjoyed most during the Christmas season was our Christmas tree!! Everytime I mention taking it down they get upset….it’s still up. I may have to sneak it down after they go to bed one night. I admit though….I have enjoyed it more this year than any other year. Maybe it’s seeing the ornaments they made on it…maybe it was seeing them sit in front of it smiling and taking it in. Either way we all hate to see it go. Decorating was definitely a sweet memory as was going to the walk through Lewis Lights with them and friends.

We have decided to home school….knowing everyone will have strong opinions….but it’s what we think is best for our family. We are looking forward to it and their best friends right down the road are home schooling as well so we are in good company.

The Princess was diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder). There isn’t anything we can’t get through….that little girl is my heart.

Madison’s hair has grown long enough to put in pigtails and this may seem silly listing this but it was a HUGE deal to her when she could wear her hair just like her big sister.

My brother and his fiancĂ© set their wedding date for January 27, 2012. Guess who the girl flower girls are? You guessed it…my sweet girls!! I am the Maid of Honor and my husband is the Best Man.

Our new favorite cartoons are as follows: Phineas and Pherb (“PhinFerb”), Max & Ruby, Dora The Explorer, the whiny Calilou, and Clifford The Big Red Dog.

The Princess has decided she is not a cowgirl, even though she still loves all things cowgirl, and has declared that is a “Frincess” (Princess) and our house is HER castle!

That’s the update for our family…..I will post a New Years post tonight with the highlights of 2011 for our family!!