Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brief Update...

This will be a brief update on our journey the past few weeks…I am sorry for not blogging lately. We are still here and these are some of the things we have done/accomplished since my last blog entry:

We have learned how to ride our bike pretty well…still need practice.

We had a blast at a Spongebob birthday party.

We got tattoos.

We went to the zoo again and had fun playing in the splash pad.

We always love seeing the animals.

And riding the carousel.

Had a bonfire with our friends.

Made Halloween cupcakes.

Enjoyed sisterhood.

And just been plain sweet!

Update on Madison: Mom and Legal Father have both signed their rights away as of last week. TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) will go very smoothly on November 2nd since nobody is contesting it. 8] We are beyond thrilled that this beautiful, brilliant, sweet child will be our daughter!

Update on the Princess: Court last week found her going home with us. Court again December 1st. Her Grandma has come in the picture and said she wants her. Judge gave them 30 days to see if she passes all background checks and to get her own place to live. If this is accomplished in 30 days (and she passes all screenings) The Princess will go live with her and be adopted by her if she becomes available for adoption. I am praying like I have never prayed before, stressed beyond belief, SHOCKED and terrified!!!! Please pray with us that the 30 days will go by without these things happening. I can't imagine how we would go on without her...she is our baby, our daughter, our heart and Maddie's "sissy". I can't even let my mind go there....Please pray with us!!!!