Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bugs In Our Teeth, Psychologists, and Random Laughs

We are still alive…sorry about the lapse in posts. We have been very busy and going on little sleep around our house. I could sleep for a year!!
         In other news, we have bugs in out teeth. By “we”, I mean Madison. And by “bugs”, I mean cavities. I always tell the girls if they don’t let me brush their teeth they will get bugs in them. It gets the point across….and they let me brush their teeth! She went to the dentist on Thursday and came back with the news that she needed to go back in a few weeks to get fillings due to bugs. However, her caseworker bragged on how well behaved and well mannered she is. I am a proud Mama. There’s nothing like people having your kid for a day and being told they were “perfect”. She is a sweetie pie. Apparently everyone in the dentist office loved her and thought she was as well. Her caseworker said she sat very patiently to be called and as soon as her name was called she got up and went back. She did everything the dentist asked and when she left she said, “Thanks for looking at my teeth!”. Sweet girl…she was SO excited about her day with her caseworker that she was bouncing around all morning. I packed her a lunch which was icing on the cake. She doesn’t get to use her lunchbox a lot like The Princess does because she usually leaves in the evenings. When her caseworker showed up to get her, she grabbed her lunchbox and took off for the door screaming, “Bye Mama!” No kisses or hugs for Mama. When I mentioned it she ran back and gave me a kiss and then took off for the door again. Halfway there she ran back telling her caseworker to “wait!” and kissed The Princess on the cheek and then hugged her saying, “I love you! I’ll be back in a lil bit!” And then she was running out the door again. I love her adoration for her “big sissy”…and I really love that she loves her caseworker and likes going with her. And hopefully we won’t get any more bugs in our teeth.
          Wednesday we went for The Princess’ psychiatric evaluation. I was relieved that she woke up late (she is not a morning person) and in an incredibly cheerful mood. She was extremely cooperative getting ready…this really helped relieve Mama‘s jitters. I told her we were going to see a man who would ask her some questions but Mama and Daddy would be there the whole time. She did really well for him! I heard her answering the questions (as best she could) and giggling a lot. She talks about snakes all of the time…so when I heard him ask her what a picture was and heard her response…I couldn’t help but laugh. She said, “That’s a snake…he bite you!” And made a loud biting noise. She did good. While she was being tested I went in the psychologist’s office to answer some questions for him and fill out some paperwork about her behaviors. After discussing everything, down to the smallest of details, he said he is most likely going to diagnose her with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He asked us if this sounded accurate. It made perfect sense! The meltdowns, the temper tantrums, the ANXIETY!! It makes perfect sense. While I hate that she has any diagnosis and obstacles to face…I am relieved with this diagnosis in a sense. I knew one of the things he was concerned about was Bi-Polar…and he didn’t seem convinced that Autism should be ruled out. After seeing her and talking to her…he saw how much anxiety she has. For instance, if my parents and siblings are babysitting or just have her over to play, she gets anxious after a while and wants to know where Ronnie and I are. She gets anxious when Madison goes for her visit and is gone long. She gets anxious when she has to go to the DHS office and in many other situations. Often so much so that she would have diarrhea. It explains a lot. Treatment for PTSD is therapy and medication. I was relieved to find out DHS doesn’t like to medicate. She is only 4 and I am not one for medicating a child (or anyone for that matter) unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and the LAST RESORT. I know some children need it and I am not condemning those families at all as we all want to do whatever we have to to help our babies. I just feel for this diagnosis she can get through it from being in a SECURE and STABLE environment where she knows she is safe and loved. And with much, much prayer! And if there are two things these girls are covered in…it’s love and prayers! It amazes me the numerous people we find out are praying for our girls and I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it! We feel and see it at work in their lives and our own each and everyday. Our Princess is tough…I know it is because she has had to be…but she is TOUGH! And Her God is BIG!! She will get through this.
         Madison came up to me tonight after watching The Princess And The Frog movie and said so matter of fact, “Mama, I’m not kissing a frog!” I said, “You won’t? Not to even to find your prince?” She thought for a second and said, “I’ll kiss him on the cheek! NOT on the lips!” Hahaha…I asked her who her Prince was thinking she would say her Daddy like most little girls. Nope. She said, “Mickey Mouse.” Sorry Daddy! You better buy her more chicken nuggets and make sure Santa brings her the Power Wheels car she wants to bring up your rating.
         The Princess has been talking in complete sentences more and thankfully…around other people besides Ronnie and I like usual. We were in the car shopping with my mom and sister yesterday and she said, “I want some water, Mama!” My mom was just as excited as we get when this happens and said, “Did you just hear that?” Ha…it may not sound like much, but it is. It’s a HUGE deal for her. Any progress no matter how small is a big deal. She also has only had two temper tantrums since I posted on Facebook and on here asking for advice on her tantrums. You know, she potty trained about two days after I posted on Facebook asking for advice on potty training a child who is constantly traveling. I am seeing a pattern here. Tomorrow I will be posting advice for how to get a child to eat their vegetables. Any vegetables….even one!!! And I will be waiting for the next miracle. 8)
        Life is never dull at our house as the girls are into everything and constantly saying the funniest things ever! I don’t know where they come up with this stuff…but I know I wouldn’t trade any of it for all of the tea in China. Or maybe I should say for all of the sweet tea in the south. These girls have brought such joy, love, and hope into our lives. Someone told me the other day that the girls were so lucky to have us. My response to this is always the same…we feel like we are the lucky ones!!