Friday, August 19, 2011

More Time...

that’s what we have all been given as of yesterday. Us with the Princess and the bio mom to get her stuff together. Court was supposed to be the 23rd of this month but yesterday I received a call from the caseworker saying the mom’s lawyer requested it be pushed back. Court is now on the 20th of September. When I hung the phone up I was ticked…livid even. She gets chance after chance, and LOTS of time. They always manage to cut her a break. I’m just wondering when they will cut the Princess a break…and give her a chance….and give her time to be a kid and sort through everything she has been through. This time I decided to just try to immediately look for a silver lining. I didn’t have to look long….this gives us another month with The Princess. I think we got the better deal.

We had to get another round of shots for the Princess yesterday to catch her up. These were her 15 month shots. She wasn’t thrilled. However, the doctor raved over how much progress she has made…he couldn’t get over how good her speech was. He said over and over how pleased he was and that he thinks that her current environment is what has helped her catch up and do so well. 8) I told him she had been diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD primarily hyperactivity and that they said the issue of whether or not she should be medicated should be raised. From listening to his thoughts on ADHD I don’t think he is going to recommend medication. I am thrilled. You may judge me for that and that’s okay. I don’t judge those who choose to medicate…I just prefer not to. I do know this could change, but we will deal with that when the time comes. Both girls’ lungs sounded good…I asked him to check to make sure we had fully recovered from Bronchitis. It’s the second time we have had it in the last 4 months so I wanted to be sure!!

I told you in my last post that they said her mom had until November to have everything in order to get The Princess back, but I thought it was until January because that’s when she came to us. I am happy…no thrilled….to tell you that I was wrong!! She has until November 15th . The bad news is that they could give her an extension of 3 months. The way this case is going, I wouldn’t be surprised. But I have to focus on the silver lining…more time with our Princess. And I think someone nailed it when they told me, “If she hasn’t shown us anything by now after 8 months, she isn’t going to. But you have to remember who is in control. Time doesn’t matter…it’s all up to God.” I have never in my life had to rely so much on the grace, compassion and justice of God. It’s a good place to be.